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70 Best Wedding Anniversary Quotes: Laughing Through The Years

Wedding is a beautiful journey full of love, commitment, and growth, but it can also be challenging, frustrating, and downright hilarious. 

As you celebrate your Wedding anniversary, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the humor and laughter that have kept you going through the years. 

Humor is an essential ingredient to a successful Wedding, as it can help us navigate the ups and downs and find joy in everyday moments. 

In this blog post, we’ve gathered a collection of funny quotes, witty one-liners, hilarious jokes, and humorous anecdotes. They are sure to make you smile and remind you of the love and laughter that brought you together in the first place. 

If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary card message, a clever joke to share with your spouse, or a romantic quote with a twist, you’ll find it all here. 

How to Use Funny Quotes in Your Anniversary Celebrations? 

Now that you have a collection of funny quotes to choose from, let’s explore some ways to use them in your anniversary celebrations.

1. Adding humor to anniversary cards and gifts.

Include a funny quote in your anniversary card to add a touch of humor to your heartfelt message.

Personalize a gift with a funny quote that is relevant to your relationships, such as a customized mug or T-shirt.

2. Using funny quotes in anniversary toasts and speeches.

Incorporate a funny quote into your anniversary toast or speech to break the ice and add some humor to the occasion.

Choose a quote that reflects your journey together or a humorous anecdote from your time together.

3. Incorporating humor into anniversary date nights and activities.

Plan a date night that includes a movie or stand-up comedy show with a theme that resonates with your relationship.

Add a touch of humor to your anniversary dinner with some funny quotes or jokes to lighten the mood and create a memorable evening.

10 Hilarious Quotes For Your Anniversary Jokes

Laughter is the best medicine, and these hilarious anniversary jokes are just what you need to put a smile on your face:

  1. “Wedding is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is the husband.”
  2. “My wife and I were happy for 20 years. Then we met.”- Rodney Dangerfield
  3.  “Why did the husband cross the road? To get away from his wife’s constant nagging!”  
  4. “My husband and I have never considered divorce. Murder sometimes, but never divorce.” –Joyce Brothers
  5. “I told my wife that a husband is like a fine wine; he gets better with age. The next day, she locked me in the cellar.”   
  6. “My wife said she wants to have a candlelit dinner for our anniversary. I said, ‘Great, I’ll put the fire extinguisher on standby.'”  
  7. “Wedding is like a deck of cards. You start out with hearts and diamonds, but eventually, you’re just looking for a club and a spade.”  
  8. “Why did the wife call her husband at work and tell him she was putting their anniversary cake in the oven? She wanted him to be reminded of what he was missing at home.”
  9. -“I asked my wife what she wanted for our anniversary. She said, ‘Nothing would make me happier than a diamond necklace.’ So I got nothing for her.”  

9 Funny Wedding Advice That Will Make You Happy

Wedding advice can be helpful, but it can also be hilarious. Here are some funny Wedding advice quotes that will make you chuckle:

  1. “The best way to get most husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they’re too old to do it.” – Ann Bancroft
  2. “The secret of a happy Wedding is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.” – Julia Child
  3. “Wedding is like a game of chess, except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke, and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome.” – Jerry Seinfeld
  4. “Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they truly are.” – Will Ferrell
  5. “Wedding is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays, and the other never forgets them.” – Ogden Nash
  6. “Wedding is a bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries and another who never forgets them.”   
  7. “The best thing to ever happen to Wedding is the pause button on the TV remote. It gives you time to think and your spouse time to cool off.”   
  8. “Wedding is a give-and-take relationship, but it’s always best to give more than you take. That way, your spouse owes you and will feel guilty for the rest of their life.”
  9. “The secret of a happy Wedding is to never go to bed angry. Always stay up and fight.” – Phyllis Diller

8 Sarcastic Remarks About Being Married

Weddings can be challenging, and sometimes, sarcasm is the best way to cope with the difficulties. Here are some sarcastic remarks about being married:

  1. “Wedding is the ultimate fantasy game: you play, you lose, you get killed.”
  2. “Wedding is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown man-child who can’t take care of himself.”
  3. “Wedding is the only game where the rules change every day, and you’re not allowed to talk about it.”
  4. “Being married is like having a permanent roommate who never leaves the toilet seat down.”   
  5. “Wedding is like a rollercoaster: sometimes it’s exhilarating, sometimes it’s terrifying, and sometimes you just want to get off.”   
  6. “Wedding is a wonderful institution, but who wants to be institutionalized?” – Mae West
  7. “Wedding is like a deck of cards: in the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade.” 
  8. “Wedding is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age. Unless you’re a cheese, then it just gets stinkier.”   

2 Special Quotes about love and Wedding

  • “Wedding is like a deck of cards. In the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade.”   
  • “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” – Rita Rudner

3 Quotes About Ageing Together That You Have To Know

  • “Wedding is a workshop where the husband works and the wife shops.”   
  • Finding humor in the effects of aging on the body
  • “Love is blind, but Wedding is a real eye-opener.” – Pauline Thomason

2 Quotes about the joys of married life

  • “Wedding lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.”
  • “Wedding is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband.”

7 Humorous Anecdotes About Your Married Life

Married life is full of funny moments that make for great anecdotes. Here are some humorous anecdotes about married life:

  1. “My wife and I have been married for 10 years, and I still don’t know why she’s mad at me half the time. But I’ve learned that saying ‘sorry’ is easier than trying to figure it out.” 
  2. “My husband likes to remind me of our wedding vows every anniversary, but I just remind him that I never promised to cook every night.”   
  3. “My wife and I have an agreement: she cooks, and I eat. It works out great for both of us.”   
  4. “One of the joys of being married is having someone to blame for everything. But it’s also the biggest challenge because they always have a comeback.”   
  5. “My husband and I have been married for 20 years, and he still doesn’t understand my obsession with shoes. But I don’t understand his obsession with sports, so I guess we’re even.” 
  6. “My wife and I have different approaches to cleaning: I do it quickly, and she does it thoroughly. But at least we both agree that the house needs to be cleaned.” 
  7. “Married life is all about compromise. A compromise by doing what my wife wants, and she compromises by pretending to listen to me.”   

9 Clever One-Liners About Anniversaries

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the love and commitment between two people, but they can also be an opportunity for some clever one-liners. Here are some witty one-liners about anniversaries:

  1. “Wedding is a workshop where the husband works and the wife shops.”   
  2. “The best way to remember your wife’s anniversary is to forget it once.” – H. V. Prochnow
  3. “Wedding is a relationship where one person is always right, and the other person is the husband.”   
  4. “Wedding is like a dollar bill: you can’t spend half of it when you tear it in two.”   
  5. “My wife and I have been together for 25 years, and I still don’t know what to get her for our anniversary. But I know what not to get her: a gym membership.”   
  6. “Wedding is like a deck of cards: it starts with a heart, and ends with a diamond.”   
  7. “An anniversary is a reminder that you’re still as romantic as you were when you were first married…except now, instead of roses, you buy each other aspirin.” – Melanie White
  8. “Wedding is a partnership where one person is always right, and the other person is the wife.”   
  9. “Wedding is a bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries, and another who never forgets them.” – Ogden Nash

7 Romantic Quotes To Make Anniversaries Hilarious with a Twist

Romantic quotes can be beautiful and heartfelt, but sometimes a twist can make them even more memorable. Here are some romantic quotes with a twist:

  1. “I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Unless you’re being annoying, then all bets are off.”
  2. “You are the love of my life and the biggest pain in my butt. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”   
  3. “I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone. But can you please put the toilet seat down?” – J.R.R. Tolkien (modified)
  4. “I have waited for this moment for all my life, and now that it’s here, I’m not sure if I’m ready. But I know that with you, anything is possible.”   
  5. “Love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together. It’s about how much you annoy each other on a daily basis.”   
  6. “You complete me, and also drive me insane. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”   
  7. “I want to grow old with you and experience all of life’s adventures. But first, can we agree to never talk about your snoring again?”.

6 Funny Anniversary Card Message Suggestions

Anniversary cards are a great way to show your loved one how much you care, and adding a touch of humor can make them even more memorable. Here are some funny anniversary card messages to inspire you:

  1. “Happy anniversary to my favorite person to annoy. Here’s to another year of driving each other crazy.”  
  2. “You’re the one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary!”
  3. “Congratulations on another year of putting up with each other’s shenanigans. Happy anniversary” 
  4. “To my partner in crime, my best friend, and the person who puts up with all my weirdness: Happy anniversary.”
  5. “Another year, another excuse to eat cake and pretend we still like each other. Happy anniversary”  
  6. “Happy anniversary to the person who still finds me attractive, even though I’m always wearing sweatpants.”  

8 Laughable Love Poems for Anniversary

Love poems can be romantic and heartfelt, but sometimes a touch of humor can make them even more entertaining. Here are some laughable love poems to inspire you:

  1. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I wouldn’t trade you for a million bucks, even if you make me cuckoo.”  
  2. “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly, the mac to my cheese, the ketchup to my fries, and the one who makes me say ‘please.'” 
  3. “I love you more than pizza, and that’s saying a lot. You’re the one who always hits the spot.” 
  4. “Roses are red, but sometimes they’re thorny. But you, my love, you’re never boring.” 
  5. “I love you more than coffee, and that’s a lot to say. You’re the one who wakes me up each and every day.” 
  6. “You’re the one who makes my heart go pitter-patter, even when you make me mad and I want to scatter.” 
  7.  “You’re the one who makes me smile, even when I want to scream. You’re the one who makes my life a dream.” 
  8. “I love you more than chocolate, and that’s saying a bunch. You’re the one who always has the perfect lunch.”

You May Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

After all the laughs and jokes, it’s time to plan the perfect anniversary celebration. Here are some tips for celebrating your anniversary in style:

  • Plan ahead: Decide on the date, location, and activities in advance to ensure a seamless celebration.
  • Choose a special location: Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a cozy cabin in the woods, choose a location that has special meaning to you and your partner.
  • Get dressed up: Put on your best outfit and dress up for the occasion, even if it’s just dinner at home.
  • Do something new: Try a new activity or adventure together, such as hiking, wine tasting, or a hot air balloon ride.
  • Personalize the celebration: Add special touches that are unique to your relationship, such as a favorite song or a personalized gift.
  • Indulge in something decadent: Splurge on something you both love, whether it’s a fancy meal, a bottle of champagne, or a luxurious spa day.
  • Take a trip down memory lane: Look back at old photos, reminisce about your favorite memories together, and remind each other of how much you’ve grown together.

Wrapping It Up!

Finally, anniversaries are special occasions that deserve to be celebrated in a special way. 

Injecting some humor and fun into your anniversary celebrations can make them all the more memorable. 

From sarcastic remarks about being married to laughable love poems, this blog post has covered it all. 

This blog post has provided you with a range of funny quotes, witty one-liners, and clever ideas for celebrating your anniversary in style.

If you’re planning a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway, don’t forget to add a touch of humor and personalization to make your anniversary celebration unique for you and your partner.

So, go ahead and use these ideas to make your anniversary celebration a fun-filled and memorable one.


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