First Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

80+ First Pregnancy Announcement Quotes: Enjoying Parenthood

Excitement filled the air as we shared our big news – a joyful announcement that rippled through our lives.

Bursting with happiness, we revealed the imminent arrival of a new family member. Faces lit up with smiles as we unveiled the first glimpse of our journey into parenthood.

Laughter and hugs echoed as the news spread, painting the room with a warm glow of anticipation. The air buzzed with cheerful conversations, and congratulations flowed freely.

It was a moment of pure joy, as friends and family embraced the revelation. That celebrates the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

The announcement marked the start of a beautiful adventure, and we basked in the love and support that surrounded our growing family.

Glorify the joyous news of a new beginning with our collection of 80+ first-pregnancy announcement quotes.

30 Funny First Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  1. “Expecting our first little adventurer – buckle up, parenthood is a wild ride!” – Joy Rider
  2. “Bun in the oven alert: our family is expanding, and so are our snack cravings!” – Munchie Maven
  3. “Brace yourselves, tiny socks are coming!” – Sock Whisperer
  4. “Growing a tiny human is like making a soufflé – stressful, but oh so rewarding!” – Culinary Connoisseur
  5. Pregnancy: the only time ‘eating for two’ is a legitimate excuse for that extra slice of pizza.” – Pizza Lover
  6. “Future mom-to-be, reporting for diaper duty with a side of pickles!” – Dill Devotee
  7. “Warning: Baby on Board! Prepare for sleepless nights and endless love.” – Dream Catcher
  8. “Creating a tiny human: 10% magic, 90% trying not to drop your ice cream.” – Frozen Treat Fanatic
  9. “Breaking news: Our family is getting a promotion from ‘Party of Two’ to ‘Three’s a Crowd!'” – Party Planner
  10. “Growing a human is like a marathon, but with weirder cravings and more bathroom breaks.” – Marathoner Mom
  11. “We’re brewing a little magic potion – it’s 90% baby kicks and 10% midnight snack cravings!” – Potion Master
  12. “Life’s surprises: from ‘Where are my keys?’ to ‘Surprise! We’re expecting!'” – Key Keeper
  13. “Prepare for diaper duty and sleepless nights – Baby’s Grand Arrival starring us!” – Night Owl
  14. “Get ready for the ultimate adventure: parenthood, where each day is a new episode of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.'” – Adventure Seeker
  15. “Baby bump alert: our little one is officially under construction!” – Builder Babe
  16. “Growing a tiny human is like training for a marathon, but with more heartburn and less running.” – Marathon Mama
  17. “We’re thrilled to announce that we’re upgrading from a duo to a trio – Baby, get ready for your starring role!” – Star Seeker
  18. “Buckle up, folks! The rollercoaster of parenthood has just begun, and we’re riding in the front seat.” – Rollercoaster Rider
  19. “Warning: Mom-to-be on the loose, armed with love, cravings, and an ever-growing baby bump!” – Love Warrior
  20. “Our family is expanding, and so is our laundry pile! Get ready for baby socks and sleepless nights!” – Laundry Master
  21. “Pregnancy: the only time where ‘baby brain’ is a legit excuse for putting the remote in the fridge.” – Remote Riddler
  22. “Get ready for the most magical show in town: The Parenthood Extravaganza, starring us and our little one!” – Magic Maker
  23. “Exciting news: Our family is growing, and so is our collection of parenting books!” – Bookworm Parent
  24. “Brace yourselves: Parenthood is coming, complete with midnight feedings and diaper-changing adventures!” – Adventure Awaits
  25. “Get ready for the ultimate joyride – we’re expecting, and the journey is about to get a whole lot sweeter!” – Joyful Journeyer
  26. “We’ve got a tiny stowaway on board – ready to embark on the greatest adventure of all!” – Adventure Captain
  27. “Newsflash: Our family is multiplying, and we’re trading late nights out for late nights in with our little one!” – Nightlife Nomad
  28. “From ‘party of two’ to ‘baby on the way’ – our family is growing, and so is our excitement!” – Party Enthusiast
  29. “Baby on board: our latest masterpiece is in progress, and it comes with lots of love and a touch of chaos!” – Masterpiece Maker
  30. “Hold onto your hats, folks! Parenthood is on the horizon, and we’re ready for the whirlwind of joy!” – Joyful Voyager

15 Unexpected Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  1. “Life has a funny way of surprising us. Baby on board! – Joyce Thompson
  2. “Unexpected blessings come in small packages. Our family is growing!” – Emily Bennett
  3. “Sometimes, the best plans are the unplanned ones. Excited to share our baby news!” – Daniel Miller
  4. “Love has its agenda. Welcoming a little one into our story! – Sophie Adams
  5. “Surprise! Our family is expanding, and we couldn’t be happier.” – Henry Carter
  6. “Life’s little detours often lead to the most beautiful destinations. Baby on the way!” – Lindsay Reynolds
  7. “In the journey of life, some paths are unexpected and full of joy. Thrilled to announce our growing family!” – Marcus Turner
  8. “When life throws you a curveball, swing for the fences. Baby bump alert!” – Natalie Foster
  9. “Our hearts are expanding as our family is about to. Unexpectedly expecting!” – Oliver Hayes
  10. “Surprises are the spice of life. Adding a dash of joy with our baby announcement!” – Grace Mitchell
  11. “Life’s plot twist: we’re becoming parents! Thrilled to share this unexpected joy with you all.” – Vincent Lopez
  12. “Unexpectedly expecting, and loving every moment of this sweet surprise!” – Catherine Rogers
  13. “Life’s surprises are the best chapters. Baby news: coming soon to our story!” – Benjamin Collins
  14. “To new beginnings and unexpected joys! Baby on the horizon.” – Elena Martinez
  15. “When life hands you a surprise, savor the sweetness. Excited to welcome our little one!” – Jake Anderson

20 Pregnancy Announcement Quotes for Instagram with Hashtags and Emoji

  1. “Our family is growing by two tiny feet! 👶 Excited to embark on this incredible journey! #BabyOnBoard #NewBeginnings”
  2. “A little pumpkin is on the way! 🍼 Can’t wait to meet our bundle of joy! #BabyJoy #ParenthoodAdventure”
  3. “We’ve got a tiny heartbeat to share! ❤️ Baby [Last Name] arriving soon! #BabyLove #NewChapter”
  4. “Guess what? We’re adding a plus one to our family! 🤰 Thrilled for this new chapter! #ComingSoon #BabyNews”
  5. “Bump ahead! 🤰 Our hearts are full as we announce Baby [Last Name]’s grand entrance! #ExcitingTimes #BabyOnTheWay”
  6. “Two became three! 👨‍👩‍👧 Thrilled to share the news of our little one’s arrival! #GrowingFamily #BabyJoy”
  7. “Tiny kicks and sleepless nights coming soon! 🌙 Excited for our little miracle! #ParentLife #BabyAdventure”
  8. “Our family tree is getting a new branch! 🌳 Baby [Last Name] coming to steal our hearts! #BabyBump #JoyfulMoments”
  9. “Future adventure buddy loading! 🚀 Baby [Last Name] arriving for a lifetime of love and laughter! #BabyAdventure #ExcitingTimes”
  10. “Crib assembly in progress! 🛠️ Thrilled to announce that we’re expecting Baby [Last Name]! #BabyOnTheWay #Parenthood”
  11. “Big news: Baby [Last Name] reporting for duty! 👶 Can’t wait to hold our little one in our arms! #BabyJoy #NewChapter”
  12. “Our family is growing by tiny kicks and cute giggles! 🎉 Baby [Last Name] arriving soon! #Blessed #BabyOnBoard”
  13. “Exciting times ahead with a little one on the way! 👶 Stay tuned for Baby [Last Name]’s grand entrance! #BabyNews #Parenthood”
  14. “Tiny toes and baby clothes – our world is about to change! 🍼 Baby [Last Name] joining the party! #BabyLove #NewBeginnings”
  15. “Adding a new chapter to our story! 📖 Baby [Last Name] is set to make a grand entrance! #ExcitingNews #BabyOnTheWay”
  16. “Double-tap for double joy! 👶✨ Thrilled to share that Baby [Last Name] is on the way! #BabyJoy #GrowingFamily”
  17. “Our greatest adventure begins with a little one on board! 🌟 Baby [Last Name] coming soon! #BabyAdventure #NewBeginnings”
  18. “Tiny miracles make the biggest impact! 👣 Excited to announce Baby [Last Name]’s impending arrival! #BabyOnTheWay #ExcitingTimes”
  19. “Counting down the days until our family gets a little bigger! 👨‍👩‍👦 Baby [Last Name] joining us soon! #GrowingFamily #BabyLove”
  20. “From two to three – our family is expanding! 🎈 Baby [Last Name] is on the way to fill our hearts with joy! #BabyJoy #NewChapter”

15 Pregnancy Announcement Captions First Baby

  1. “Exciting news brewing! Our family is expanding by two tiny feet!”
  2. “Baby on board! We’re thrilled to announce our first little one is on the way.”
  3. “Big news: Our family is growing, and we’re expecting our first bundle of joy!”
  4. “Tiny shoes, big news! Baby [Last Name] arriving soon.”
  5. Pregnancy cravings and baby kicks – the adventure begins! #BabyOnTheWay”
  6. “A new chapter begins: Baby [Last Name] coming soon to our family story.”
  7. “From twosome to threesome! We’re overjoyed to share our first baby’s on the way.”
  8. “Building our family nest – one crib at a time. Baby [Last Name] arriving [Due Date].”
  9. “Our hearts are expanding as we announce the upcoming arrival of Baby [Last Name].”
  10. “First comes love, then comes marriage, now introducing our little carriage!”
  11. “Expecting a bundle of joy and a whole lot of sleepless nights!”
  12. “Baby [Last Name] – the best little adventure we didn’t know we were waiting for.”
  13. “Adding a tiny heartbeat to our love story. Baby [Last Name] due [Due Date].”
  14. “Brace yourselves for baby giggles and midnight snuggles – our family is growing!”
  15. “Our greatest collaboration is in the making! Baby [Last Name] expected to arrive [Due Date].”


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