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70 Best Arthur Morgan Quotes [Red Dead Redemption 2]

Few characters in gaming have had as significant an impact as Arthur Morgan from Rockstar Games’ masterwork, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Arthur’s journey from an outlaw to a man seeking redemption is filled with poignant moments. His powerful dialogue has resonated with players around the world.

This article provides some of the best Arthur Morgan quotes. These quotes capture the essence of his character and the themes of the game.

40 Best Arthur Morgan Quotes

  1. “I gave you all I had.”
  2. “We’re more ghosts than people.”
  3. “Do the right thing. It’s easy.”
  4. “The world’s a nasty place. It’s just how things are.”
  5. “I’m afraid. A lot of people are afraid.”
  6. “Maybe we’re just a bunch of killers, in the end.”
  7. “You don’t get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.”
  8. “We’re thieves, in a world that doesn’t want us no more.”
  9. “I’m just trying to make sense of things.”
  10. “It’s a beautiful world, but it’s also a cruel one.”
  11. “We all gotta die sometime.”
  12. “Don’t let yourself be defined by the mistakes you’ve made.”
  13. “You gotta keep the faith, and be a good man.”
  14. “Just do one thing or another. Not be two people at once.”
  15. “We’re living, but we’re not alive.”
  16. “It’s all a bad dream.”
  17. “You have to love yourself a fire.”
  18. “You’re never that far from the man you used to be.”
  19. “We’re outlaws in a world that’s no longer outlaw.”
  20. “Sometimes the truth ain’t good enough.”
  21. “There’s a good man within you, Arthur.”
  22. “I’m more scared of not trying than failing.”
  23. “My whole life, I’ve been loyal to people.”
  24. “All that ever mattered to me was loyalty.”
  25. “I’m a survivor, that’s all there is.”
  26. “You gotta keep faith with the living.”
  27. “There’s a sickness in me, like I’m turning into a wild animal or something.”
  28. “I’ve given you all I’ve got, Dutch.”
  29. “I wish things were different, but it wasn’t us who changed.”
  30. “Our time is pretty much past.”
  31. “We’re all bad men, but some of us try to be good. It’s all we can do. In the end, that’s what matters.”
  32. “I gave you all I had, Dutch. I did. In the end, I did.”
  33. “Maybe we’re all hiding behind something. But we’re not bad men. We’re all more human than we are human.”
  34. “You can’t change the past. You can’t change what’s done, but you can always change what’s coming.”
  35. “My whole life, all I ever did was tell folks what they wanted to hear, to keep them calm. But it’s time for the truth, no matter how ugly it is.”
  36. “Just because you shot ’em doesn’t mean you killed ’em, nor does it mean you’re alive.”
  37. “We’re thieves, in a world that doesn’t want us no more. We are the last of the dying breed, but we won’t give in.”
  38. “There’s a difference between needin’ and wantin’. Wanting keeps you sharp. Needin’ makes you weak.”
  39. “We’re gonna die, John. But we’re gonna make it count.”
  40. “I’m more afraid of doing nothing than I am of getting shot.”

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30 Arthur Morgan Quotes

  1. “We’re all bad men, but we can decide which kind of bad we’re gonna be. Outlaws for life, or redeem ourselves and help others.”
  2. “Time and change, both move at a pace you can’t really control. But one thing you can do is decide how you’re gonna live through it.”
  3. “You can’t outrun your sins, no matter how hard you try. But you can make amends, one good deed at a time.”
  4. “We’re born into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. It’s what we do in between that defines us.”
  5. “The world is full of cruelty, but also kindness. It’s up to us to choose which one we want to spread.”
  6. “Money ain’t worth nothing if you don’t have people to share it with. It’s the connections we make that truly matter.”
  7. “Revenge might feel good at the moment, but it won’t heal your soul. Forgiveness and understanding, though, they have the power to mend.”
  8. “Every man has a choice to be better than his past. It’s a hard road, but it’s the only one worth walking.”
  9. “Life is a journey, and sometimes that journey takes us to places we never thought we’d go. Feel it, and learn from every step.”
  10. “In the end, it’s not about the money or the fame. It’s about the impact you leave on the world and the lives you touch along the way.”
  11. “We’re thieves, in a world that doesn’t want us no more.”
  12. “Maybe we’re more ghosts than people.”
  13. “The world is a hell. But it’s beautiful.”
  14. “We’re living, but we’re not alive.”
  15. “Just do one thing or another. Not be two people at once.”
  16. “I’m a bad man, but I ain’t that bad.”
  17. “The past is only good for learning from.”
  18. “You can’t have nothin’ nice.”
  19. “Some jobs ain’t for savin’.”
  20. “Money ain’t everything, Dutch.”
  21. “You’re my brother, but I’m not sure of much these days.”
  22. “You’re alive, but you’re not livin’ unless you’re free.”
  23. “You taught me to read, Dutch.”
  24. “We ain’t both gonna make it.”
  25. “We’re thieves, but we’re good people.”
  26. “We’re more ghosts than people, Dutch.”
  27. “I love you, you son of a bitch.”
  28. “I should’ve been a better friend, Arthur.”
  29. “My whole life I’ve tried to fight or run from bad men.”
  30. “We’ll all be judged in the end.”


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